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Emilia Visek :: Home

Emilia Visek

Energy, Environment, and Climate Analyst

Weaverville NC

Emilia completed her 200 hour teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center in August 2018. She is following our Continuous Education Program focused on Anahata Yoga lead with careful supervision of Barbara Schauer.


Emilia enjoys practicing and improving her yoga for alignment, stretch, restorative, prenatal, and postnatal. Her focus is on strengthening the mind and body to correct daily imbalances. Her current interest is posture improvement for diastasis recti condition improvement and of cyclists. It was her own effort to help the poor posture of her athletic cyclist husband. Diastasis recti is one of the many consequences of a poor posture and consists of excessive separation of the rectus abdominus muscles. Cyclists have strong lower bodies, and neglected and misaligned upper bodies - and so do many of us who spend time at computers and steering wheels! She loves to follow the Anahata path to reach an improved posture.


Emilia has a PhD in engineering and a strong curiosity about how things work well - in the body and in the world around us. For her, Yoga is a complementary part of her life. So her practice is a combination of alignment/body posture improvement, stretching, balance and pranayama (breath work) or meditation to strengthen the mind and body together.


Emilia is Romanian and has lived in Romania, Itay, and Illinois before moving to North Carolina and finding her home in Weaverville. She and her husband decided to move to this area to raise their two children in the beautiful mountain environment.


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